More Measuring! More Polar Animals!

This week we are finishing our Measuring unit. The children are using Unifix cubes to measure area, making a growing pattern with Unifix cubes and paper, playing a size game, and measuring mouse tails. A comment that one of my students made to me today was "I was surprised that the mouse tail was bigger than the area!" Which when translated means "I learned something today!" :) The kids really enjoy playing the size game because after they have compared sizes they pick a card to see which tower wins - tall or short. This eliminates feeling that the biggest is always the winner - sometimes the shortest tower wins, too! Click here to find my measurement packet.

We are still enjoying our polar unit! We have one more animal to learn about before moving on to Antarctica. Today we talked about the Narwhal. Here is a great link for a National Geographic video about the Narwhal. My students LOVED this clip!

The pictures show the children using their directed drawing skills to create a Narwhal. I import my Polar Animals unit onto my Promethean with a few Google images and the children have a great time creating their illustrations. Here is the link to my Polar Animal unit. Next week, we will learn about penguins!