We had our first winter snow today! The children were so excited when they got to school, so after lunch everyone put on their coats and went outside. I gave each child a piece of black paper and we caught snowflakes! We looked at their shapes and tried to see if we could catch a complete snowflake! It was fun! But the wind kept us from staying outside for a long time, so we came back inside and created paper snowflakes in a warmer place!

Here are some examples of fun snow projects that we made this week! The first is an idea that I got from Pinterest. It is a snowy neighborhood and today we REALLY saw a snowy neighborhood outside our school window! Here is my Pinterest link where you will find this idea: I'm not real organized yet on my boards, but you should be able to figure them out!
The children made houses from construction paper and were told that they had to create at least 3 houses and add details. When finished, they used their paintbrushes to create a snowy day! When completed, they had to write some sentences or words about their snowy house.

Here are our patchwork snowmen.

I gave the children white paper to create a
snow man. I told them that their snowman had to hold something in its stick arms. They used pieces of fabric and buttons to add details and then used Q-tips dipped in white paint to make snow. When finished they had to write a story about what their patchwork snowman was holding in its arms.

We talked a little about quilts and after wards I asked the children to create a paper winter quilt. I pre-cut the 4 inch x 4 inch paper blocks and the children glued them onto 12 inch x 18 inch construction paper. On each block, they were told to create an image of themselves, a winter tree, a mitten, a house, a snowflake, and a snowman.They are super cute! I wish I could post them all!


  1. love the photos of the snow - you are so lucky! love your artworks too - wish I could be in your class!!

  2. These patchwork snowmen are just TOO cute!! I love them and the writing your kids did to go with them! :)

  3. Thanks! It is so much fun teaching kindergarten! I appreciate your comments on my baby blog steps! :)