Yikes! Are we REALLY going to be able to pull this off??

We just finished assessments - I KNOW assessing is SOOOO important, but it takes a lot of time because we assess one student at a time so that means that the rest of the children need to be working independently in a "fruitful" and fairly quiet way! :) It takes a lot of planning to get this done, but we got through it and report cards were sent into the office today! Hurray!

NOW, we are working together as an entire kindergarten (45 children total) to put on a circus to raise money to save the polar bears! Yikes! We just started practicing today and when our practice was over, our first words to each other (teachers) were "Oh my goodness, are we really going to be able to pull this off?!" :) BECAUSE besides practicing for our circus, we are decorating our kindergarten hall like the polar regions, and making paper mache paper animals as part of our theme decorations. We will be creating "Save Our Polar Regions" posters that the kids will carry during their circus parade as well as painting murals for our background scene. Of course, in between all this, we are teaching literacy, math, and religion! Whew!

I plan to put our entire circus unit into a packet, but it will take me awhile to get it ready for publication. My students are working to make a circus book by illustrating the pages with draw and cut techniques. Here is a sample of one of the pages.


  1. Wow! Sounds like fun (and maybe a lot of work)! The kids will have so much fun and learn a great lesson too!

  2. Thanks, Lori! Teaching kindergarten is fun, but can be exhausting, too! Today we had our second circus rehearsal and it was SOOO much better! Things are starting to look like MAYBE we will be able to pull this off!