The Circus Came to Town!

Whew! Our circus was a success and all our little performers knew their lines, spoke loudly enough to be heard, and had a good time! We started in the primary end of our building and had a circus parade through our building. Our clowns carried plastic buckets that were used for students along the "parade route" to donate money towards our "Save the Polar Bears" project. Between what we collected from the student body and what we collected from our circus audience, we made over $600! Wow! Incredible! Now we are trying to contact Polar Bear International to let them know HOW our students earned this money. We do not want to just send in a donation that might get lost in the queue; rather we want them to know how hard our students worked to make this money. We haven't heard from them yet, though. They have no phone number. All communication is through email, so we are patiently waiting for their response.....

Now that the circus and the polar projects are over, we will start next week with a regular schedule - hurray! It was fun, but I think even my students will be glad to get back into a routine!
Here are a few pictures of the circus..... The "big" clown is me.... no comments on her appearance .... Ha! :)


  1. Thanks, Tricia! We had a great time and I think the kids learned a lot! Glad it's over, though! :)