Telling time

This week we worked on telling time..... I know, I know..... telling time isn't a kindergarten common core standard! BUT, really when you think about it, learning about clocks does give students an opportunity to look at numbers in another way. So this week in one of our math centers, my students learned the words "digital" and "analog" and practiced matching digital times to analog times on a clock. I made the cards in a spring theme with the hope that spring will be here soon......dreaming........ :) I made the green cards with the orange tulips a few years ago, so do not have the templates for them. But if you would like the newer version, you can find it in my TPT store at this link or on the picture at the bottom of this post. It's free!
Have a great weekend! It's cold here in central Illinois, but the sun is shining! I can't complain about the weather this winter, though. Our winter has been very, very mild this year!

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