Tomorrow is the circus!

We had our dress rehearsal yesterday and when it was over, we REALLY understood WHY we have dress rehearsals! :) The children were so excited to be in their costumes, so they totally were focused on their costumes instead of their lines! :) And the bareback rider's hat kept falling off when she was riding her horse and the ring master's moustache kept tickling his nose, so he kept pressing it back on when saying his lines, and one of the monkeys got stage fright and wouldn't say his lines. (We invited the first grade to watch our dress rehearsal.) At the end of the day, we decided that we needed to practice ONE more time before the performance tomorrow. So..... today...... despite the fact that this was our Open House day, we managed to get in a circus practice and the kids rocked!!! Now we are wondering which group of kids will be showing up tomorrow - the shy guys or the kids that rocked! Of course, no matter which group shows up, their parents will LOVE them and they will be adorable no matter what!
Here is a picture of our clowns....... I have to say they sure are looking sweet! We put up the scenery after school today, so the background will not be this bare tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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