Leprechaun fun!

I start by apologizing for the layout of this post. Blogger is not allowing me to insert my images in the places in which I want them to be, so I give up in frustration!! :)

It was a fun week in our class! We had leprechaun visitors and they played some silly tricks on us all week! Yesterday we set our traps and this morning, we found that all the traps had been set and that there had definitely been someone in our room last night! As a matter of fact, when I went back to check on the traps later in the evening, I actually caught a leprechaun, but he managed to escape because he had his magic scissors with him! :) They left us leprechaun juice and when the kids tasted it, they said "Wow - this tastes just like green Sprite!" They also left everyone some green sunglasses that could be used if anyone ever manages to get to Leprechaun land! (Only in kindergarten can these things be passed off as real!) Here is a picture collage of the chaos in our room this morning!

The kids made some awesome pictures of the leprechaun!
Here are a few examples! They actually did these with a step-by-step CVC and sight word game that they played during literacy centers this week.

Here are our St. Patrick's Day math centers this week:
The kids played "Rainbow Math" from Shari Sloane's website. They sorted and graphed Lucky Charms cereal. They played a pot of gold/rainbow game by tossing dice, putting the "gold" into each pot, and adding them together to find the sum. They also played "Capture the Gold". In this game, the children toss 2 dice, add the numbers to find the sum, and then cover the gold piece on the game board with a 2 sided coin.

(If you are interested in these games, "Capture the Gold" is a freebie in my TPT store and "Leprechaun Read and Draw Sight Word and CVC" game is for sale in my TPT store. )

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