Math centers this week

As I said in an earlier post, my students played a Spring Addition game last week in math centers. This week, I used the same pack and the kids practiced their addition facts in a different way. I was so much more pleased this week than last week! I told my little ones that this might be hard and that they had to use their smart brains to figure out these tough problems. So they said "Okay, we will try!" Then after they got started, they said "This is EASY! It's not hard at all!" I said "Wow! You are Smarties!" and of course, this made them work even harder! :)

So I took a picture of how they matched the Domino to the number combination and they recorded their combinations on the recording sheet. They had no problem at all! Yay!

The other centers were a bit more difficult. We are working on tens and ones which have always been hard for my students. This game is from Rachelle Smith's "Springtime Math Centers". The kids match numbers to ten and ones block cards and then record the number and picture. It was a little difficult for some of the kids, but the concept of recording tens and ones is new for my students, so I'm not surprised that they are having a bit of a struggle with it! I will put it out again in a couple of weeks and I bet it will be easier for them! :)

This center also uses tens and ones. It is from Kathleen Pedersen's "Hoppin Into Spring Math and Literacy" packet. There is a lot of thinking with this game, but they worked hard on it and are figuring it out as the week goes on! The telling time game is also from Kathleen Pedersen's packet and the kids are having no problems with it! It is telling time to the hour and they are whizzing through it! Hurray!

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