Oviparous Animals

Last week we started a unit on oviparous animals. I love to teach this unit because it is so fun to use this big word AND know what it means! Do you know this book - An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston? It is SO COOL and a great way to begin this unit! When I teach this unit, I like to tie it into animal groups. I know that animal groups aren't really a kindergarten standard, but I am a firm believer in exposure to big ideas. I love to make books with my kids, so I made an Oviparous Animal book that my kiddos are in the process of finishing now. Each page shows an animal from an animal group and a page that shows its' egg. When we talk about frogs, we use the word amphibian and talk about the other animals that might be amphibians. We discuss how amphibians start their life in the water and that their eggs are usually clear and sticky. After making the frog, I give the children a piece of bubble wrap and ask them to cut out a circle and use markers to put little dots inside each bubble to show the little animal inside to make the eggs. Then when they are finished they get to pop the excess bubbles! Yay! Fun, fun!

We also talk about birds and how they are the only animal with feathers and that their eggs are hard and that their parents need to take care of them so that they survive. I have an ostrich egg that I purchased from a flea market many years ago and it is fun to bring this in and give the kids a chance to "wow" over it! :) The kids make a chick for their bird because in a few weeks we will be getting chick eggs from our university to incubate in our classroom AND when I ask my kiddos if a chick is a bird, most of them say "No!" So, this is a learning experience for them - to understand that a bird isn't just the animal that lives in the tree in your backyard! :)

We make a ladybug for our insect part. We do a HUGE insect unit in the fall, so I don't spend a lot of time on this animal group. We spend more time talking about their eggs. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids making a leaf and adding beads to symbolize the eggs.

We aren't completely through this unit. We do birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fish, and spiders. We still have spiders and fish to do.

The children decorated the cover of their book like a natural egg; not an Easter egg! I wanted them to get a feel for how a real egg looks - we do plenty of fun activities with Easter eggs! :)

If you would be interested in this unit, click on the picture and you will find it in my TPT store.

I have some freebies to share and hope to get them posted in the next day or so! Have a great day!



  1. hi!
    I'm curious to know about your Animals That Hatch From Eggs picture... where can i find more info on it? the images of the animals are beautiful and would make a lovely matching game for toddlers.

    thanks in advance for any further direction/info you can give me.

    1. Hello!
      The "animals that hatch from eggs" is an old, old poster that I have had for a long time. I am not really sure where I purchased it. I am so sorry that I cannot be of more help. Perhaps if you visited your local teacher supply store, they might be able to help. Once again, I apologize for not giving you the information that you are need.

      Take care,