Sweet Reading and listening

My students love Writer's Workshop! I really am not sure why; maybe it is because it is a quiet time in our classroom; maybe it is because they realize just how fun it is to put letters on paper that actually mean something. Whatever it is, I have no problem getting them to take out their Writer's Workshop binders and start to write. I took some sweet pictures today during Writer's Workshop. They were working in partners and sharing their stories. Honestly, they did not want to stop sharing with each other! It was 5 minutes to lunch and I told them to put away their binders because we had to get ready for lunch and they did not want to stop! It was incredibly cute to listen to them reading to each other. If someone couldn't read the words that they had written, their partner worked to help them read their own story! We talk about being the "ears" and the "mouth" when reading to each other and it was heartwarming to see the "ears" trying to listen to the story from the "mouth." I am very proud of them and think they are proud of themselves, too!


  1. They do love to share with each other don't they? Love the partnerships of helping each other read their stories.
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  2. Yes, my kids love, love to write! After Easter we will start our publishing unit where each child will work on a story that they will publish and turn into a book. Can't wait to see what they do!