African Jungle Animals

The theme for last week and this week has been "African Jungle Animals." We are looking at the continent of Africa and the habitats that make this very diverse land their home. We are mostly studying the rainforest and savannah, but have also discussed the river and desert areas. Presently the children are making a booklet about Africa, but we have not finished it yet. Yesterday and today, they created a mural depicting animal life in the African rainforest and savannah. Tomorrow, they will write about their favorite African animal. This will be the end of our African unit - hopefully!
The children had to make a plan with their group. (Each group consisted of 8-9 kids.)  Second, they sketched their plan. Third, they painted their sketch.

After the mural dried, the groups got together again and made another plan as to what animals they would be placing in their habitat. They had to create animals that lived in the rainforest which are different from the animals that live in the savannah. It was so much fun listening to them discuss which animals they could put on the mural and which animals belonged on the other mural.

The kids also made smaller, individual murals; again, their choice was either the rainforest or the savannah. The pictures are so cute! I'll post some of their stories later!

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