Nature - field trip to the woods and living things in the classroom!

Today we went on a field trip to our local nature preserve! It was a GLORIOUS day! How lucky we were because yesterday was a very rainy and cloudy day! We did not leave until late morning, so we had the opportunity to watch the hatching of one of our chicken eggs and to observe that our caterpillars were totally changed into a chrysalis!
   Then we headed off on our school bus and drove to the Nature preserve! We were there all day. In the morning, we learned about mammals and in the afternoon, we learned about frogs. The children brought their lunches and we had a picnic in the woods!

  A few highlights:

We touched the pelt of a real fox!
We saw a big bull frog sticking his head out of the lake....
We walked across a suspension bridge.........

We had a duck follow us around on our hike because he thought we had food for him! We were told that feeding ducks and geese is not a good idea because the food that people give these animals is harmful to their digestive systems. 
We witnessed a Papa goose chase off a two other geese who apparently looked threatening to his goslings. Notice Papa Goose's neck stretched out. This is an aggressive  movement we were told.

One of my kinders was transformed into a frog! :)

And when we returned we had more baby chicks! What a great day!!

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  1. Awww this makes me wish we had a nature center closer :(


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