Garden Update and a Lonely, Summer Classroom

I visited the garden today and took some pictures of Pumpkin Jack! He now has yellow blossoms and his leaves are HUGE! The vines have also spread and are starting to take up a lot of space!

The corn is growing, too, but it grows much slower than the pumpkins. The little pumpkin seeds that my kiddos planted in May are sprouting up all over the garden - not sure how many of them will make it because Jack is growing MUCH faster than they are!

I  planted a few Canna bulbs a the beginning of June and they are starting to grow, too. I like the big, red Canna flowers because they attract hummingbirds and bees. When I walked over to the garden this morning, there were 2 brown bunnies running around the school property, but I did not see them in the garden. I think Mr. Scarecrow and the shiny CD's might be keeping them away!
I still haven't gotten my interactive garden idea firm and final yet. When I do, I will post it here for anyone who might be interested! :)

I popped into school to check on a some things this morning and took a few photos of my sad, sad classroom. Does your classroom look like this in the summer? We have very little storage in our classrooms, so much of our "stuff" must be "stuffed" onto the counter.

Do you have a teacher's desk? I have been reading so much about teachers who elect to not have a desk. But I need a place to call my own and plan to keep mine; despite the fact that it takes up so much room! If I didn't have a desk, where would I store my comfy shoes or my Chapstick? ! :)

Oh boy, I am not going to think about all the work it is going to take to put the room back together again!

Enjoy these lovely days! It's the first full day of summer on June 21! Hurray!


  1. Yes, a packed up classroom is sad, but so much fun to put back together! Next year will be my first year without a desk-I am very excited to have the extra room!

  2. My room looks very similar- you're not alone...

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