Draw, Cut, and Create Pets and Basic Shapes Packets

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Second, I just finished two new "Draw and Cut" packets. The first one is "Draw and Cut Basics." Basics is just what it says - simple steps to creating simple pictures. I always do this with my students at the beginning of school, but never really had anything concrete to show. So I decided to put together a packet that would be easy for even the littlest learners to accomplish as well as provide basic steps for older students. I truly believe that creating books instills so much in children. Creating their own illustrations brings the book alive for them. When they have illustrated a book, they truly are immersed in its content and their learning becomes real.

Before we begin any illustrating, though, we must begin to look at the world through different eyes. When we look at a tree, we see rectangles and cloud shapes. When we look at a house, we see squares and trapezoids, and rectangles. When we look at faces, we see ovals and crescents and rainbow shapes. Once children start to see the world in this way, they are then able to take pencil, paper, and scissors and create something that looks real to them. That is why I always provide a real-life photograph in my packets - this is a great way to differentiate between real and make-believe, too!

I provide step by step directions to my students for many reasons. A big reason is to get them to see objects simply as shapes. When they see this, they are able to create any object! The step by step directions also provide sequencing and visual discrimination practice which is so important for young learners to grasp. Instead of simply cutting out pictures and putting them in order, they are creating something real to them. I  like to look at photographs and find shapes in the photos as well. My students illustrate books for literacy, math, science, social studies, and religion

"Draw and Cut Pets" provides step by step directions for creating a book about pets. After my students have gotten a feel for how to create pictures from shapes, I want them to write about their picture and we start right away with labeling. For those children able to write sentences, I provide word wall cards that can be used for differentiation.

Here is a look at Pets:

If you are interested in either of these packets, click the picture to take you to my TPT store!

I will be sharing my thoughts on Chapter 3 of the Daily 5 later this week!



  1. This is so precious! I love that hamster photo-my daughters each have one!

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