Garden update

It is just so HOT here! Although we are used to these high 90 - 100 degree temperatures in August, we are not used to them this early in July! I am so thankful that I listened to the advice of my Dad this year and planted plants that are heat tolerant and do not have to be watered everyday! The year that I started the school garden, I had no idea what I was doing and planted just about everything! I am going to tell you that this type of garden planning does NOT work - or at least does not work for ME! After experimenting with this garden for a few years, I have found that I need to plant crops with similar moisture and sun needs in close proximity of each other. I lost a small crop of gourds two years ago because I had them close to plants that needed a lot of water and gourds like to be a little dry for a few days.  So it was the gourds that died because of over watering. I also have learned that vine crops SPREAD so make sure that you don't plant them too close together; otherwise they will become tangled with each other and fight for space. So THIS year, I thinned out the little pumpkin plants that grew from the seeds that the kids planted in the spring and we now have 5-6 really nice, healthy pumpkin plants growing. I also found a little baby pumpkin growing on Pumpkin Jack's vines! (Fingers crossed!)
 I THINK that we planted both popcorn and sweet corn and I threw in one tomato plant for fun! The flower gardens are doing pretty good; despite the heat. One section is a "smell" garden. Lemon verbena, rosemary, basil, sage, and parsley are growing in this garden. The other two gardens are our color gardens. Hopefully they will still be around in September when we do a color scavenger hunt around the school grounds!

I also have been enjoying my flowers here at my house. Here are a few pictures of them as well! Do you see the pot of flowers that my class gave me at the end of the school year?

I will be back with my thoughts of Chapter 4 of The Daily 5! Take care and stay healthy!

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