Apple numbers freebie!


I have decided to use apple colors as my theme this year. I know, I know, apples are NOT an original theme for a classroom, but I LOVE apple colors and I found some really cute apple "stuff" at Wal-Mart last week, so I am going with it!

After spending some time playing with my Cameo and then spending about 4 hours at school, I came home and thought that I would be creative for a little while. (I am TOTALLY stumped with my Cameo, so thought I would do something that I KNEW how to do! ) Since my classroom will have an Apple theme, I made some number sticks and put them inside this little box that I found at Wal-Mart. I added some black polka dotted ribbon and wrapped it around the top and bottom of the box and added a bow. Then I hot glued the number apples onto a craft stick and added a ribbon underneath the apple. Of course there are a million ways to use number sticks. For example, we assign each of our students a number in our school so I will often pick a child's number from the box as a way of being fair when I am picking someone to answer a question or participate in a demonstration.  I bought another apple box like this one and will put the apple sticks upside down in the other box after a number has been chosen. This shows who has had a chance and who has not! They can also be used for even/odd numbers, patterns, single and double digits - the ideas are endless!!

If you would like a copy of the numbers, click here. I will be posting the progress of my little apple classroom here as I finish them.

Enjoy your time - school will be here soon! My little kinders visit us on August 20! Eek!