Cameo Baby Steps Take 2 !

I really, really feel the need to redo my Cameo post from a few days ago! When I re-read what I wrote, it sounds almost blue and that I might be regretting my decision to purchase my machine. Well I am here to tell you THAT is simply not true! It just took me awhile to learn how the machine works and now that I have figured it out, I am obsessed with what it can do!

So...... yesterday, I used what I had at home to create the project above. That means, of course,  that I spent nothing at all on this project - woo hoo! I used card stock that was on my craft shelf, ink from my printer, ribbon and buttons in my sewing basket, and laminating film that I ALWAYS keep at home for my laminator. I wanted to spruce up my word wall so  I found two really cute borders from Silhouette's online store and created a layered look for the background. (BTW, I spent no money on the designs because Silhouette gives you a $10 gift card when you purchase your machine to use in their store!) Look at the lattice design! There is NO WAY that I could have cut all that lattice with just my scissors! I used a font that I had purchased from Lettering Delights called "Card Cafe." I laminated the cards and then added ribbon and buttons. I am "kicking" happy with the way it turned out! The cute little characters at the end are also from Lettering Delights. I thought that I would change the pictures as we change themes. At the beginning of the year, we start with our names, our families, our friends, etc., so I thought the goofy little guy and the house were cute symbols for this beginning of the year theme!

Here is a close up of the "O".  I decided to just spell out "WORDS" instead of "WORD WALL". 

So if you haven't entered the Blog Hoppin' Cameo contest, there's still time!

Have a great day!

Until next time!


  1. How darling!!! I love how bright it is!!

  2. Thank you!! I absolutely love this machine! I especially enjoy the layering that it does!