Crockpot Applesauce Recipe to do with Kindergarten

 Hello Friends,
I posted this applesauce recipe a few years ago. I thought that I would give it a face lift and republish it since it is that "apple time" of year!  One of our objectives for our science/social studies curriculum is for our students to understand that resources are used to produce goods. So we use the apple to demonstrate that we must purchase or grow goods to produce a product. It is also a food that our little allergen kids can still eat!

The most awesome purchase I made last week was an apple corer/peeler/slicer! Wow, wow, wow! Making applesauce was a breeze this year! I brought small groups of children over to pick out an apple - red, green, or yellow. I stuck it on the apple corer and within SECONDS the apple was ready to be put into the crock pot! AMAZING!!
Look at the pile of apple peeling! 

After we cut the apples, we added the water, the cinnamon, and the sugar. The children who wanted to participate took turns stirring. Then I plugged in the crock pot and let the apples cook for 2 hours. It made our classroom smell delicious!

When the children were in music class, I put the apple mixture into a blender and spooned into small paper cups. When they returned, they taste tested the applesauce. All but 3 loved it! It was cute to hear comments such as "This tastes like real applesauce!"

This is such an easy cooking project to do! I would highly recommend the recipe!



  1. I have that same apple peeler/corer/slicer - LOVE it! It's so easy and my students can operate it :) Looks like your kids had fun!


  2. Yes, they had a great time AND this recipe/activity is SUPER, SUPER easy! And I love my apple peeler!! Thanks for your comment, Kara!