Our Pete Fun!

   MANY kindergartens are doing PETE THE CAT activities and I decided to join the fun and do a Pete activity, too! I have to say that I did not expect my kinders to be so totally absorbed in this story! I read the book to them first and we did the activity. Then today, I showed them the You Tube video and I WISH that I could show you how much they LOVED the video! They were singing and repeating the words - what fun! I especially like the moral of the story which is (in my opinion!)..... to not worry when things don't go your way; just accept them and keep walking along!  
    So...... we made a paper Pete the Cat. Of course, this type of activity is all over the internet! This is just my interpretation of what everyone else is doing! Plus, to my wonderful kinder parents who read my blog, this is a fun way for you to see what your children did this week! :)
   This is only the 8th day of school for my little kinders, so I really was impressed with what they did! Of course, this activity took us about an hour to complete! We have been studying shapes and learning that you can make shapes from other shapes. The only shapes that they received were different sized rectangles. We looked at the rectangles and discussed how we could turn them into ovals, circles, and triangles. I showed them this step-by-step drawing (which I imported onto my Promethean board) and we took each step one by one. They did not cut out their shoes, though. I cut shoes in many colors and they chose which colors they wanted and glued them onto the bottom of Pete's legs. If you want this step-by-step document, click the picture!

    I am excited with their work and am looking forward to many more fun projects!
    Thank you to Melanie, From the Pond, for the BEAUTIFUL Chevron borders! Click on the image below to get them for yourself!

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