Nocturnal Animal Posters

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing diurnal and nocturnal animals. This is one of my favorite science units because there are so many fun things to do! Since we made large painted murals for our apple tree seasons unit, I decided that for this unit, the kids would create individual murals. This was their Nocturnal Animal assessment!

The children divided their paper into two parts - day and night. They labeled the day side DIURNAL and the night side NOCTURNAL.  I asked them to make a tree on both sides. We discussed how a tree would look the same in the day as in the night. I introduced the word symmetrical and told them to make both trees look the same. Their assignment was to create 2 diurnal and 2 nocturnal animals from paper. We have been talking A LOT about both kinds of animals AND there were pictures of these animals hanging in the room, so they had plenty of references to use. They also could use their Nocturnal Animal book as a reference as well. It was a bit chaotic when they were creating their animals because this was a pretty open ended assignment, so there was much walking around the room getting paper and looking for animal pictures! They turned out great, though, and I was happy that they had learned the differences between animals of the day and animals of the night!

Here are some examples of pages from my Nocturnal Animal book. You can find it HERE.
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