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Save This Thanksgiving Turkey and a Friendship Feast

For their November Family Project, our students were asked to come up with a disguise for their Thanksgiving turkey. I think this has become quite a regular activity for primary classrooms to do these days. Our kindergarten has been doing this assignment for quite awhile and it continues to be a joyful activity for our students and their families.  Plus they are so fun to hang up in our hallway and read the stories of why our little ones disguised their turkeys as they did! Here are the disguises...

We have a Friendship Feast in November for our kinders. We can only accomplish this with parent help, of course! We bring our classroom tables and chairs into the hallway and decorate them with Fall colored tablecloths and napkins. After the table has been set, we ask our kinders to find their place mat which they created and we laminated the week before. They stand behind their chair and we say a prayer of thanks. They then are seated and begin their lunch. We have struggled with the menu in the years we have been doing this, but this year, we think we found a winning menu! The problem with a meal like this is making sure that we do not serve any food that might cause an allergic reaction in our students. Last year we had a milk allergy, so we had to be super careful. This year our allergies are all nut related, so the menu was a little easier to plan. Here is our menu from this year...

Salami and cheese sandwiches cut into turkey shapes (with a cookie cutter)
Cheddar Chex Mix (There are no nuts in this variety.)
Apple slices and caramel dip
Corn muffins with butter that we had made the day before
Vanilla ice cream cups with sprinkles

The children made the table decorations. It is a turkey spoon! We hot glued a card stock turkey shaped tail to the back of the spoon. The students added wiggly eyes, a foam beak, legs, and feathers. We stuck them into a basket with a foam center. We purchased the basket at the Dollar Tree and bought the spoons from Walmart. They are SUPER cute!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Peace and blessings, Cindy

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  1. I like the turkey centerpiece! Happy Thanksgiving!