Sharing our gingerbread house making

It has been a hard couple of days......... When I woke up on Monday morning, I didn't think I could get through the day without crying. But I knew that my little ones depended on me and needed me to be strong, so I found my smile and hugged each one of them as they walked into my classroom. And my faith assures me that those little precious beings who lost their lives on Friday are in Heaven with God and making Heaven an even better place than it was before.

 I am so blessed to be a teacher and given this beautiful, wonderful opportunity to be a part of the lives of these lovely little children that are my students.

So life has gone on in Room 102....We have been creating special Christmas surprises for our families, putting the finishing touches on our Nativity, practicing our reading and writing skills and doing math. Last week we did our annual Gingerbread House making and I thought I would share a few pictures of that fun activity.  Gingerbread house making is a pretty common activity to do at Christmas with little ones, so probably most of you know the procedures, but just in case, here is how we do them:

We hot glue 2 milk cartons to a sturdy paper plate and then hot glue graham crackers to the outside 
of the milk cartons. We hot glue an upside down sugar cone to the plate for a tree. We move our kindergarten tables together and have tons of parent volunteers to help! Each kindergarten classroom is assigned something to bring; one class brings the graham crackers and sprinkles, another class brings the icing and a bag of candy, and another brings more candy! Then we let our little designers go to town and boy, do they have fun!

  Finally...... my students just LOVED our nutcracker unit and I was so lucky to have found some of the fun nutcrackers that were portrayed in the story!
That's it for now......
Be safe, my friends....

Peace and blessings, Cindy

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