Nutcracker Mapping Unit and Show us What you Bought!

   Whew! After WEEKS, I mean WEEKS and WEEKS of trial and error with this packet, I finally finished it this morning! I like to try out my packets with my students before I post it to work out the bugs and yes, I did find quite a few! But that is okay, because now they have been corrected and I am happy with the outcome.
   So the history behind this project is this: My daughter is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Studio Arts. She is SOOOO talented, but alas, in our country, the arts are not as respected as business or marketing majors. So finding employment after college is not easy. She is presently working at an UNPAID internship at an Art Center. She is hoping that her experience there will lead to a paid position somewhere. In the meantime, she is truly a starving artist! (Smile). Last year, we collaborated on my Butterfly unit for TPT. She drew the loveliest butterflies for this packet, so we brainstormed ways in which we could collaborate on another project. The idea we came up with is unique, for sure! We both LOVE nutcrackers and we wondered if we could use our love of them to create a fun and educational packet for kids. After MUCH, MUCH trial and error, we created a mapping and community helper activity packet based on nutcrackers who might live in Nutcracker Land. The packet begins with basic mapping skills and builds on these skills to create a 3D map, a map of Nutcracker Land using a map KEY, coordinate mapping using a grid, an I Spy directionality game using the nutcrackers, writing activities, and a bunch more!
Here is a picture of my students putting together and using their "map" talk to discuss their 3D maps: Isn't the border art just the cutest? It is from Pink Cat Studio and you can find her link at the end of this post!

And here are the nutcrackers that inspired the project:
Here are a few of the nutcracker friends!

Here are a few pictures of the components found in the packet...
Click HERE to find this unit in my TPT store!

Now...... on to showing you what I bought at the Cyber Monday sale! So many awesome products!

  This one is from Deedee Wills. Love it and have already used it!

 I love Kelly Young from Young and Lively in Kindergarten's interactive calendars for Promethean!

I just found Little Red Schoolhouse this week and love their clip art! I actually purchased 5 sets of clip art! Whew!

Growing Kinders has some of my favorite kinder packets!

Another new clip artist I discovered this week was Pink Cat Studio! Awesome Blossom!

And last, but not least, a math packet full of Common Core activities from Math Coach's Corner.

So that's it for now..... the laundry is STILL not done and I am not ready for the school week yet!

Peace and blessings,  Cindy