Happy New Year and a freebie!

Wow! The past week has just been CRAAAZY!! My son was married on Friday and we began school on Thursday - yes, THURSDAY so of course, that meant making sub plans among all the wedding activities! Whew!

I love my subs! What would we do without them? I have never subbed so I cannot even imagine what is must feel like to come into the classroom of someone else with students whose names you do not know and try to keep the day go as scheduled! My hats off to all substitute teachers!

When I make my sub plans, I like to keep them easy if possible. Even though I LOVE to get out the paint and glue and everything gooey, I do not plan those types of activities for my subs! It just doesn't seem fair for some reason! :) Since it was their first day back after Christmas break, I asked my sub to discuss New Year's resolutions. Plus I also wanted her to discuss how years move in progression just like all numbers. So, here is what I had her do with my little ones as well as a few examples of their work. I love their little ideas! Click on the picture on the left to grab the freebie!

It's getting late, so I am going to close for today, but I have another fun idea that I will post soon!

In closing, I am sharing a picture of my son and his beautiful new wife! The wedding was lovely and I am so blessed! God is good!

Oh yea, by the way.... When I stopped at school this afternoon, this paper was lying on my desk. THIS, is why I LOVE my job! This is a birthday card to me from my kinders! I can't wait to see my little ones in the morning!

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