Time for a New Year, a birthday freebie, and snowflakes for Sandy Hook School

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We have been traveling to Wisconsin every year since we have been married. My oldest son, Joe, who is now 25, was 6 weeks old when he took his first trip to Wisconsin! This has been a tradition in my husband's family since he was 5 years old! We leave after Christmas and return on New Year's Eve day. Needless to say, we have never been big New Year's partiers! We usually are just so glad to be home that we are content to watch a movie, watch the ball drop in New York, and go to bed! But it is such a wonderful time for us to reconnect with each other and it is WONDERFUL to not have to cook, do laundry, or wash dishes! The picture is of my youngest son and me after he had just finished a morning on the ski slopes. I do NOT ski, but I love to come to the lodge and have some hot chocolate with them!

Even though we were on vacation, I brought my computer with me and had quite a bit of time to work! I am a multi-tasker so I was able to work AND carry on a conversation! (Smile)  So...... because of this, I finished a Snow unit that I had started this summer and am almost finished with my outer space unit.
My birthday is today - Yep, I was a New Year's baby! And I thought I would celebrate with you, my lovely followers, by offering you a freebie! It is a partial part of my Snow unit. I love "The Chubby Little Snowman" poem - and so do my students! So, I made pocket chart strips and pictures to go with it as well as a fun writing and drawing activity.

Click on the image to get the freebie!

Here is a preview of what is contained in the rest of the unit and you can get it by clicking the images.


We participated in "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook School." The school was asking for fun and bright, kid-made snowflakes to decorate their school when the kids returned after break. Here is a picture of the snowflakes that we sent. This seemed like such a healing thing for us to do....
I wish you all a very Happy 2013! Be healthy, happy, and enjoy life!