Snowy Days, Snow Globes, Patchwork Snowmen, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Projects

I thought I would share some of the cute projects that we did this week.

Here are our Snowy Day pictures. The kiddos created themselves from paper and glued the pieces onto blue construction paper. I mixed up a combination of shaving cream and glue which they finger painted onto the blue paper. We ended up with quite a few snowstorms because they had a ball doing this! The next day during Work on Writing, they wrote a snowy day story.

Another project we did was our Patchwork snowmen. We talked about what "patchwork" means and then they created a snowman from white paper and added real buttons and scrapbook paper patches. They used Q-tips to create snow. The next day during Work on Writing, they wrote about their snowmen. We brainstormed what kinds of foods snowmen would eat, what a snowman's favorite color would be, what a snowman's house would look like, and what kinds of friends a snowman would have. They recorded their answers and drew a picture to go with each answer. They also wrote a story about what their snowman likes to do. Click HERE to find a PDF of the words.

Here are some photos of our snow globes. Again, the kids created their snow globes one day and then wrote about them the following day during Work on Writing.

Lastly, we studied Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Friday. I think it is REALLY important to discuss with my kinders while we are not at school on a regular school day. Plus, Dr. King's story is such an important story to teach children. We did not have time to do any writing with this project. They just attached words to the back of their paper. Next week, we will have more discussions on how to be a peaceful kid! Click Here to get the words for the back of the picture.

Until next time!
Blessings, Cindy


  1. Your students have been so busy! Love all their art work and writings. The snowmen are so cute!
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Thanks, Lori! It was a fun week!