100 year old portraits "Deanna Jump Insired!"

This is a short post to share these adorable 100 year old portraits!  My kiddos had the best time with these little portraits! They are totally inspired by Deanna's 100th day pack! I imported faces of elderly people on my Promethean as inspiration for this activity. I created a background sheet for the faces using a border from Ashley Hughes. I added a circle that my kiddos used as a guide for their faces. They tore paper to represent a wrinkled face and gray hair. My co-partner, Lisa, also did this activity and she said that she had 2 little ones who refused to make gray hair! They told Lisa that they were always going to have blonde hair! You go, girls! (Smile!)

Until next time!
Blessings, Cindy

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  1. So cute!! I thought about doing those...but ran out of time. Maybe I should have.