Five For Friday and a Spring Sale!

Hello Friends!

I am linking up once again with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday...

1.  We had spring break and we were all set to return to school and then we had a snow day! Yep, our first snow day on March 25! Who would have thought we would have all that snow in March!

2, My beautiful, talented daughter had a few free days and came home to spend them with us! Woo hoo! She still melts my heart!
3.  I love my classroom reading corner! I do not know why exactly.... just love it and I especially love it when my students are in there reading!
4.  I spent my snow day on Monday revising some old products! I am proud of the revisions! My wonderful friends from Blog Hoppin have helped me soooo much!! Here are the most recent revisions and two of them are FREEBIES!

 5.  This was in our local paper this week! I am so humbled by this award. I love to teach and the reward of my effort has always been the month of May when my little kinders are ready to become BIG first graders. The happiness on their faces when they reach a milestone is such a joy for me. So...... this type of acknowledgement of what I do feels surreal..... My high school friend said to me "Cindy, if I remember right, it was me who wanted to be a teacher and YOU who wanted to be a wife and Mom." God knows more than we because as we grew away from each other, it was SHE who became the wife and Mom EARLY and ME who went to college and began a career. She is so happy with her life and I am too! I am blessed to have become a wife, mother, and teacher!
And finally......... I am joining Krysta Lyn for a Spring Cleaning sale! Woo hoo! I am highlighting 5 of my favorite Spring centers here, but everything will be on sale for Saturday (3/30) and Sunday (3/31).   Scroll down to find all the other stores on sale this Saturday and Sunday! Also, Mel From the Pond is also hosting a sale this weekend - wow! HERE is the link to her list of stores having sales!

Until next time!!

Blessings, Cindy