Good bye Leprechauns - We Love you!

Well, our leprechauns made their last visit and we did not trap a single one! I thought my students would be a bit distraught, but it actually seemed that they were relieved that they had not caught one! I think the idea of trapping something that left them such sweet gifts bothered them!

Here is what they saw when they came to school this morning...
During Work on Writing, the children wrote about what they would do if they had caught a leprechaun. (This is from Erica Bohrer's St. Patrick's Day packet.) After reading their stories, I could tell that they thought of the leprechauns as pets and really would not want to trap them at all!
A game in Word Work that they really enjoyed was "Draw a Leprechaun High Frequency and CVC " game. They had a blast reading their words and then drawing leprechauns!

So, good-bye to our leprechaun friends! We had a wonderful week! I received an email this morning from a parent saying this:  "She speaks so fondly of you and I absolutely love to hear all the things she shares that "Mrs. Feeney teaches me"
But hands down this week has been her favorite week. So much so that at 5:10am this morning she woke (us) up asking  "do you think the leprechaun had safety scissors?"

Sigh..... So why do we do this job? The email above says it all!

Until next time!

Blessings, Cindy

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