Leprechauns in our Classroom - again!

Oh those naughty little leprechauns! They have been all over our classroom this week! They hid our chair bags, changed around our supply boxes, spilled our leprechaun projects on the rug, changed the color of our water, and danced in green paint all over the floor!

Our March Family project was to create a trap to catch these little guys... So right before dismissal today, the kids shared their traps with each other and then set them up with the hopes of catching one of these little creatures! (We do not have school on Friday, so we had to set them a little early this year!)

Here are reasons why I like to do this project and why I believe it is educational!

1.  This is a wonderful project to get kids spending time with their Dads. Dads love this project! Nine times out of ten, when I ask who helped you build your trap, my kiddos say "Dad!" I LOVE this! AND, when kiddos are working with their Dads to come up with an idea, they are following a Common Core Standard!
SL.K.6  I can speak clearly my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. 

2.  This project stimulates sooooo much writing! Oh my goodness...... children are writing letters to leprechauns, making signs, formulating plans to catch them........ What better way to get the writing process going in kids?! Does this project follow the Common Core? You bet! The writing projects that we did this week all centered on the Common Core for writing!
W.K.1 I can write about something I like or do not like.
W.K.2  I can write to tell someone about a topic.
W.K.3  I can write about an event or a series of events.
W.K.7  I can research and write about on a topic.
W.K.8  I can write to answer a question.

3.  My kiddos are writing books! Yep, they are taking scrap paper and writing books about their leprechaun experiences! Awesome! The bottom picture is taken from Kim Adsit's St. Patrick's Day resource.

Here are some examples of their delightful traps!

For those kiddos who do not want to build a trap, they have the option to create a rainbow. Here are examples of their rainbows.
That's it for now! More to come later!

Blessings, Cindy

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