Tooth Fairies and a New Religious Easter Product

I thought I would share our tooth fairy craftivities and a new religion product....

First the the tooth fairy.... My kids LOVED doing this project - even my tough little boys had a great time! This is mainly a writing project. The goal was to draw a picture that matched your words and to try to write 3 thoughts. My kiddos have so much trouble understanding what 3 sentences are! They usually think that if they use up 3 lines on the paper that they have written 3 sentences! So I have started saying "3 thoughts" to get them to understand that it doesn't matter how many lines you use; what matters is how many "thoughts" you write. It is kind of kicking in, but not really.......

Anyway here are some examples of their crafts and their writing. This is a mix of examples from my students and from my sweet co-partner, Lisa's, class. If you would like the step by steps for creating the tooth fairy, click here to get the google doc.

Also, I just completed my second religion resource. I still am not sure if this is something that interests other teachers, but I plan to try it for awhile and see.... There just does not seem to be very many CUTE religious products for little kids, so I have been creating products for my students to use for many years. As I get them "store ready" I will post them here.

This newest one is called "The Passion of Jesus for Little Kids Let's Make a Book."  Here is a preview of the components.

Click on the image to find it in my TPT store.

Until next time! Cindy

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