Last chapter of "Talking, Drawing, Writing"

Hello Friends,
Well after delving into this book for 2 months, the time has come for it to end. The last chapter is entitled "One Teacher, One Classroom." This was a relatively short chapter; mainly summing up what was written about in the previous chapters. The authors gave examples of how to encourage kids to leave out little details and only write about the important stuff. I know my students have a tendency to get bogged down in details; especially when writing their books. For example, a story riddled with small details might sound like this:
We went to a restaurant.
We went in.
We sat down.
We ate food.
We went home.

Instead, we as teachers must encourage our students to write about why that particular restaurant was chosen,  what was on the menu,  where they were seated, or the people who went to the restaurant. Not all kids will be able to do this, of course, but by this time of year, most will be able to revise their stories to add interesting details. 

I love how it is suggested to include an "About the Author" page at the end of the student made books. The teacher in the book took a picture of each student, added some words about the child, and then printed it to be used for the ending page. She also had each child pick out their favorite story and then she typed it into a document and the child illustrated each typed page. What a really cool idea!

In the closing remarks, the authors encourage us, as teachers, to listen to our students and encourage them to be the best they can be. Kindergarten kids can, and do, amazing things; they just need the road map to get there and with the aid of this wonderful book, I am excited to read what my kiddos do by the end of the year! As with anything, it takes patience and baby steps, so I must start at the beginning of the book and re-read what those beginning steps entail....... I am looking forward to this journey!

Thanks for staying with me on this book study! I will keep you posted as to what happens when I try this with my new bunch of kiddos!

Until next time!



  1. I enjoyed this book study. There are so many good ideas. I know I will be rereading each chapter again as the year unfolds!

    1. Hi Deb!
      I,too, enjoyed this book and am excited to try out the ideas! I know what you mean about rereading...... that is just a given, right, when we begin a new program? :)

      Have a great school year!