My Wandering and Random Thoughts!

Hello Friends!

I am linking up with Fabulous in First and sharing some Sunday randomness and this DEFINITELY is filled with random thoughts!!!

1.  I just love gardening! When we were in San Francisco, I was  so jealous of the fact that they get to garden year round and we in Illinois, have only a few months.... sniff, sniff..... Anyway, first I am going to share with you some updated photos of our school garden. It has been sooo much fun sharing this love of mine with little ones this summer!

2.  I also love my flowers  in my gardens at home. My flowers were "singing"  to me yesterday, so I took a few pictures of them!

 3.  I have been in my classroom for the past 2 weeks and thought I would share with you this cute bulletin board that I put up yesterday. It has a little bit of a glare on it...It is not completely finished, but done enough that I can share!
I am trying to figure out how to get the kid's names on it so that they match the title plus I think that I am going to cut the lettering from the ellison cutter instead of using the computer printed words. But you get the general idea! The flowers are the paper accordion ones that you can find at Walmart or the Party Store.

Here are the rest of them.... ugh....... Still LOTS to do!!!!!

4. Part of the reason I have been in my classroom is because I am having foot surgery on Tuesday and I was allowed to get inside and work. I will not be able to walk for 10 - 14 days - Yikes! I just picked up my mode of transportation this week! It's called a "Roll About" and you put your sore leg's knee on the pads and scoot yourself with your good foot. The problem with it is that it is going to tear up our carpet... BUT, we were planning to replace it this year anyway, so this will make it happen, for sure! I chose this over crutches because I felt that I would be more secure with this than crutches, but it still takes some maneuvering to get around. It is like driver's ed all over again!

5.  I just finished my latest resource! It is a Social Studies packet. It is called "Maps and Globes for Little Kids" and I am really proud of how it came out! 

If you purchased my "Nutcracker" unit, this is a revision for that and you can ONLY get it through email from me! Just go to your "My Purchases" page on TPT and take a screen shot of your nutcracker purchase. Send me the screen shot and I will send you the revision!

6.  Lastly, because of my surgery, I am not sure when my next post will be... I am going to TRY to get one written for the next chapter in "Talking, Drawing, Writing", but we will see........ Hopefully I will be able to be on my computer after a week. I have been fretting and fretting about this surgery. I am super worried about the inactivity I will have for awhile and I also am worried about how my foot will be for the first of school. I have to be back to school on August 19 for our "Meet the Teacher" day, so my goal is to be walking comfortably in a boot by then...  I am glad that I scheduled the surgery the way I did, though. It gave me time to enjoy some summer fun... my trip to San Francisco, my gardening, and time with my kids. I also am so lucky to have such a supportive principal and maintenance staff who cleaned my room early so that I could have the time to do some room arrangement and decorating. I know that I will appreciate this because I probably will not be allowed to go to school until August 9 or 10 at the earliest!

So..... that is it for now! 

Until next time!