Sunday Smorgasboard, I am Walking, and Some new and revised packets! Woo hoo!

Hello Friends!

I am linking up with Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasboard! I am very late linking up, though, because my hubby and I went out for brunch and visited with some wonderful friends. It is now the middle of the afternoon! Oh well!

First of all, I am sharing a picture of me wearing my walking boot! I am so excited to be wearing this because now I feel like a HUMAN again! Just being able to get outside makes a HUGE difference. I have to wear "balloon" pants because my regular pants do not fit over my boot, but that is okay; at least I am free! I have one more hurdle to jump and that is being able to drive again. I have to be walking full time in the boot for a week before I will be given a "driving" boot to use. One step at a time. One goal at a time!
 I am standing behind my gorgeous rose bush that my husband is happy to tell you is still alive because HE watered it while I was recovering! That is true; he DID do a good job of keeping my flowers alive..... I am just ignoring the weeds climbing everywhere!!

I have started to think a lot about school. I did a lot of work in my classroom before my surgery and I actually do not remember what needs to be done and what doesn't! Hopefully I will get my class list soon so that I can start making name plates. One thing I found this year that I am excited to use are these clips by Really Good Stuff. When I ordered them, I knew that I needed 30 so I placed my order. But when they arrived, there were 120 clips in the box! Why is that you ask? Well....... they come 4 to a package so I ordered 30 packages; not 30 clips..... sigh........guess I am going to have plenty, don't you think???

Because the only thing I have had to do these past couple of weeks is work on my computer, I have been pretty busy revising and creating my units. I totally revised NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, so if you purchased it, RE-DOWNLOAD it! I also revised my HEALTHY KID and CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD packs. I think you will like the changes. FOUR FABULOUS CIRCUS LITERACY CENTERS, SIX SPECTACULAR SPIDER, and FIVE FABULOUS PUMPKIN LITERACY CENTERS are new. I have one more that is just about ready and will be posting that soon!

 The polka dot background is from my friend, Mel FROM POND

So that is about it for now! Have a wonderful week!

Until next time!


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  1. I am with you Kay! I had two surgeries this Summer -- one on June 13th (the day after school was out) that had recovery of 6 weeks, then a knee surgery on Thursday. Today is my first day on my leg and actually I feel pretty good! So excited to go back to my Kindies without pain! But I also find myself wondering what condition my room is in -- but it will be another two or three weeks till I can do anything about it! :-) Glad to see you are up and out! Hooray!