Classroom Digs! (Under Construction)

Hello Friends!

I am participating in the "Peek at my Classroom" linky on Blog Hoppin, BUT my classroom is NOT done! It is kind of done, though, so I thought I would show you my "work in progress" classroom,,,,,

So...... here we go...... My classroom theme this year is polka dots with an emphasis on apple colors AND because I am a quilter, I was always taught that you pick out 3 main colors and then add one color to be your "splash." My splash color this year is black.

 I thought I would first share the curtains that are in my classroom. I got this fantastic idea from Melanie from Schoolgirl Style. This is wrapping paper wound around spring rods. The bottom is border trim and then I added ribbon for a little color. I love the look! The letters that spell Kindergarten are from Charlotte's Clips. This is such a colorful splash of color when you enter the room!

 I love these polka dot numbers from Erica Bohrer! They are above my Promethean and white board.

This is going to be my Word Work station. It's not finished yet. I plan to label the trays and tubs.

This is a reading nook. I made these little stools last year and they stood up very well. I do not have to do anything to them this year. The umbrella is a beach umbrella stuck into a patio umbrella stand. I covered the pole with the same wrapping paper as the curtains.

This is another reading nook. I made the Chicka tree 5 years ago and it still looks beautiful!(Don't look above my cabinets! I still have A LOT of work to do on that!  If anyone has an idea for how to tidy up this space, please let me know! I keep everything in clear boxes and I have my chick incubator up there that fits in nothing! Help! I would love some suggestions!

This is the beginning of my technology center. It is not finished yet. I love the bulletin board next to it!

This shows my classroom behavior management system, some of my classroom library, and a partial view of my Word Wall. I will be changing the words this week because I made some different ones to match my alphabet posters hanging above.  Here is the link to my alphabet cards if you want to get a closer look of them. My classroom library needs a TON of work!

This looks pretty bare, but it will eventually be my religion bulletin board. Below will be my supply tubs and to the right, you can see some of my literacy and math tubs. Not much has been labeled yet....

Here is my little nook. I got rid of my desk this year, but I felt that I still needed something to call my own. So, I found this small folding table that I covered with red and white polka dot heavy duty wrapping paper. I purchased an office chair acrylic floor protector. I folded it in half and put it on top of the table. It provides a nice cover to protect the paper from tearing as well as provide a smooth area in which to write. I still have some work to do on my supply tubs to the left!

I like this little sign! The clip art is from Mel (Graphics From the Pond.) 

This will be my bulletin board to showcase student work. It is hard to tell, but this bulletin board is really pretty. The trim is green polka dot. I added yellow polka dot ribbon under the trim.

Here is a view of our gathering space. The anchor chart on the easel is from Kim Adsit.

This is a one view of the whole classroom from the window side. The tables are a mess; full of things that need to find a place to live this year!

Here is another view of the whole classroom from the door.

This is my unfinished door...... When I get my class list, I will put the kid's names on the flowers as well as their picture that we took during our spring assessments. I says "Bumblebee, Bumblebee, What Do You See? I See Kindergartners Looking at Me!"

 Here is another unfinished bulletin board. My birthday graph will go at the top of the board. What you see is my individual behavior management system. To the right is the beginning of my classroom helper rotation chart.

So that's it for now.... I still have a TON of work to do!
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Until next time!



  1. Very nice! I love how kid friendly it is. I haven't even stepped into my room! I don't enjoy the decorating part, I'm not very good at it!!

    The 85 Mile Commute

    1. Oh, Karen.... Your classroom climate is what makes YOU feel happy.... everything doesn't have to match! It just needs to be a place to make your kiddos feel safe and comfortable so that can learn. I enjoy the decorating part, but that doesn't make me a better teacher than someone who does not! Have a wonderful, wonderful school year!


    2. PS - I love your name..... The 85 Mile Commute! I'm sure that has a story behind it! :)