Five For Friday!

Hello Friends!
I am once again joining Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday linky! Yay!

So let's see.....

1.  I was given this lovely boot on Monday to use while driving! Because my surgery was on my right foot, I have not been able to drive. But once I received this lovely boot, I no longer feel like a prisoner in my own home! I am a bit nervous about teaching in the heavy walking boot I have to wear, though. I was in my classroom a few days this week and after about 3 hours, I was exhausted and my feet felt like they had been working forever!

2.  The doorbell rang yesterday and these BIG packages from Lakeshore Learning were on my porch. I was looking forward to this delivery and couldn't wait to open them! I am super excited to have new supply caddies for my tables. My old ones were getting pretty yucky; no matter how much I cleaned them! And I am also  excited to try out the magnets! I was told that these were the best, so I plan to try them out on my Word Wall. I like for my kiddos to be able to remove words from the Word Wall if they need a word, so I needed a strong magnet that stayed on a laminated card. I was sooo frustrated last year with the magnets I used because they kept peeling off the back of the cards. Fingers crossed that these work!

  I was a bit disappointed in this organizer. When I ordered it, I was very excited to find something that had color coded trays. But when it came, the trays were cardboard... we shall see if they hold up... I am still deciding if I want to keep them which is why they are still wrapped in their plastic. Has anyone ever used them?

3. I went a little crazy at Walmart and The Dollar Tree yesterday.........

4.  Can't forget the Blog Hoppin Teacher Week next week! Hurray!

5.  Finally, I have spent the whole summer revising, editing, and creating the resources in my store. Whew! Now, I think it is time to take a break from that and concentrate on the new crop of kinders that I will be meeting in 10 days. Here are a few of my newest resources...

Until next time!



  1. Hi Cindy! I like your pile of dollar store findings - that looks very familiar! Even when we were on holidays last week in a very small town, we went past a tiny dollar store and my hubby knew to pull in - I didn't even have to ask him! ha ha... (got some great things though!!)
    Whimsy Workshop

    1. Ha, ha! You have him trained for sure! I usually go without my husband because I think if he went with me, we would come out with twice as much! LOL!

      Thanks for your comment!