Apples, Insects, and Some Common Core Math

Hello Friends!
Boy, oh, boy the time flies! I cannot believe that it is Friday already! Whew!

Like many teachers, I have caught one of the "bugs" that are crawling around the classroom..... No, not those "bugs" the ones that make you sick! (smile)  I seemed to have caught a cold and therefore my energy was a bit drained this week! Things seem to be getting better, though; hopefully it will all be over by the first of next week!

1.  We finished our Apple unit and spent most of the week learning about Bees. We do our Insect unit in the Fall.  One of the reasons is that we can FIND insects in the Fall. In the Spring, the insects are just waking up and we cannot always find them before school ends. We have a wonderful "Kinder Garden" in the back of our school and it is so much fun to take our little ones outside to do an Insect Search. We even found a busy bee greedily searching for nectar in our marigolds!

 2.  Here are a few finished products from our paper Mache project last week. We added a bent pipe cleaner for the leaf and a real stick for the stem.

3.  For the past few weeks, we have been working on 2D shapes and number sense.
For 2D shapes, my kiddos created simple pictures from shapes. My kiddos had a lot of fun creating their illustrations and didn't even realize that they were working on a Kindergarten Common Core Standard!

 4.  For Number sense, we worked on writing numerals, creating numbers in ten frames, writing tally marks, subitizing dice dots, and making groups with shapes. I was amazed at how much they retained!

 5.  Sigh.... Fall is here....... Where did the summer go? I am not a Winter person, but I do love Fall. Here is a picture of our tree in the front yard. See the beginning of red leaves?

 Asters..... They are my most favorite Fall flower!!

And look what I found today...... This is our Easter lily that I planted in the Spring and it is blooming in the Fall! Wow!

So that's it for now... I hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend!

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Until next time!!