Wow! What a Great Deal for Busy Kindergarten Teachers!

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Despite all my preparation for Back to School, I find that once school starts, I continue to burn the candle on both ends - staying up late and getting up early to prepare for the start of each day!
I truly love my little kinders and wouldn't trade my job for anything, but this time of year CAN be exhausting and yet we still need great resources to keep our students engaged in learning! So, I am so excited to share this amazing opportunity for you to stock up with a wonderful Kindergarten packet from Educents! I have just discovered Educents and have found some really wonderful resources there and I was thrilled when they asked me if they could add one of my resources to their Kindergarten Curriculum Bundle! Wow! What an honor!

There are over 1400 pages of activities for literacy, math, and even a little social studies included in this bundle! 

From my store you will get MAPS AND GLOBES FOR LITTLE KIDS.  Little kids LOVE maps and are excited to learn more about them! I did Maps and Globes with my kinders last year and it was amazing the information that they retained! Even after we finished this little packet, my students continued to create maps! The words in the student book are written simply so that MOST little ones will be able to read this book to their parents when they take it home! I have added full color posters featuring realistic pictures of the map components included. Some of the big ideas are: 

But that's just my product.  With this bundle you get 24 products from some really amazing sellers as well!  So we have linked up blog hop style for you to see what's included in this great bundle from Educents!  Click the image below to hop on over to the next amazing resource!

To view more really awesome deals, click the Educents image below to take you to their website!

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