Decodable Phonics Readers AND Don't Forget to Enter the Thankful Giveaway on Blog Hoppin!
Hello Friends!
Gosh! I started a project this morning that I thought would take a couple of hours and it has been FIVE hours since I began! Yikes! The day is already starting to get dim and I STILL have all my cleaning to do! Geesh.......

Anyway, I thought I would share what I have been working on....... A few weeks ago, I became frustrated because I wanted decodable phonics readers for my littles to use during guided reading groups. We use Fountas and Pinnell books as well as Rigby readers and I really, really like them! BUT, I wanted books that had decodable words in them as well as high frequency words. I know that Reading A-Z has a subscription service and that their books are very good, but I wasn't interested in subscribing to a service. I also wanted books that were colorful and easy to put together. Well, after much searching, I just could not find what I wanted, so I made a set of six books and tried them out with my littles!

Wow! They love them! I laminated 6 copies of the colored books that we use in our guided reading groups.  I also put a set in our library center and they choose them all the time during Read to a Partner. They feel such success when reading them! The grayscale versions can be sent home for added practice with family and friends.

Of course, these little books are a SUPPLEMENT and not meant to be used in place of a research based reading system! There are 6 titles in this set; each with 6 pages of both colored and grayscale versions. They will be discounted at 50% for the next 24 hours. Included in the preview is the grayscale version of "Kip" that can immediately be downloaded and used! Woo hoo!!

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Now, I have GOT to get something accomplished in my house!

Until next time!



  1. Always great to read about innovative ideas on learning using phonics such as what you have laid out here. I like reading to my child and often times I use phonics since it is what she enjoys most. It is good to make it fun for a child to learn and this is what has kept her glued to the books.

    Daniel P. Warren

    1. I am a true believer that phonics is the key to unlocking the secrets of words! I am so glad to feel that you are using phonics with your little one!!

      Thank you for commenting!