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Native Americans, Scarecrows, Turkeys, Veterans Day, and Five For Friday!

Hello Friends!
It has been a long time since I have linked up for Five for Friday! Life has a way of keeping us busy!

So.....let's see.....

1.  We started our Native American unit this week. I LOVE this unit! It is such a nice way to discuss the past and we have such interesting conversations. This week, we talked about how Native Americans have lived in the United States for HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of years. We discussed how many Native Americans of the present live like we do today. I think it is important that children understand that Native Americans are NOT extinct and learning about their history is a critical part of being an American. This is not a unit about Pilgrims; just Native Americans.
     As you know, I love to make books with my kiddos for our units and this one is no different! We discussed clothing of the past and how some (not all) Native Americans used the canoe to travel. I am always saying "Not all Native Americans lived this way. Native Americans used what they found from the Earth to live, so if there was no water to cross, they did not need a canoe!" After our discussion, my students followed step by step directions to draw a Native American as well as a canoe. Then they made a 3D canoe from a one half of a paper towel roll. Here is how we made the canoe........

Hot glue a craft stick to the bottom of the paper towel tube. Paint the sides with brown paint. Paint designs on the sides. Paint a paper plate blue. When canoe is dry, glue the bottom to the paper plate. Color and glue back to back a Native American boy and girl. Insert inside the canoe. You can find the Native American boy and girl HERE.

Click the image below to take you to my Native American resource. The canoe craft is included in the packet.

2.  I am liking my Thanksgiving door; even though I don't think you can really tell that my kiddos are "holding up" the word THANKS! :)

3.  We made another set of scarecrows this week! This time, my kiddos sketched a scarecrow with his arm sticking straight out to side. Then they used watercolors to paint him. When dry, they used black marker to trace the outside edges. Some used oil crayons to add details. Then each child counted out enough paper crows for each letter in his/her name. They took white oil crayon to write one letter of their name on one crow. They could glue their crows anywhere they wanted on their paper. I think they turned out pretty cute! The "foundation" for this activity came from HERE!

4.  We did another decomposition of numbers project this week.  The focus number this week was SIX. This was a bit harder for my kinders than I anticipated.  I told them that they could only make 6 feathers and some had to be yellow and some had to be orange.  A few of my littles thought that meant that they could have 6 yellow and 6 orange feathers! Luckily these were done in a small group, so I could help them figure out this BIG math concept; although I really don't think they get it yet!! (smile)

We used my FREE step by step make a turkey pack to create the body. Click HERE for the words and the picture for the packet.

5. Last...... if you are teaching Veterans Day next week, here is an easy booklet to do with your kiddos. It is simple and easy, but hopefully teaches our kiddos a little bit about Veterans Day.

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Until next time!



  1. It's so much fun to see what you do as a kindergarten teacher! Lots of good learning going on and lots of fun activities. Sixth graders get to do some, but not nearly as much (or enough!) of that.

    1. Oh gosh, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't do these projects! :) I love sixth graders, though... not quite grown up, but almost there......

      Thanks for replying!!