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2014 New Year's Resolutions

Hello Friends!

As 2013 nears to a close, I am finding myself thinking back over the year. I usually am not one to make big New Year's resolutions in January; I usually save mine for Back to School! But 2013 brought such big changes in my life that I feel the need to reflect. I am linking up with "A Peach for the Teach" blog and sharing my 2013 New Year's Resolutions.....

Enjoy the precious time I am given with my children and to thank God daily for the gift of them!

The biggest change in my life was the marriage of my son in January. They will be celebrating their one year anniversary this year; so hard to believe they have been married a year. As a Mom, you want only happiness for your children and I know for a fact that my son is happy! But, that said, it has been an adjustment for me.... The weekly phone calls have decreased to every other week and I am not his "go to" person anymore (smile). It is his lovely wife, of course, and that is as it should be!

Another change in my life has been the employment of my beautiful daughter! She graduated in Art and has been searching for employment for over a year. Finally, she was offered a position at the theater company in which she interned. I am so happy that she is now able to gain confidence in herself and her ability to support herself! Unfortunately, because she is working in a theater environment, their busy times are the holidays. We all know how much we enjoy taking time to enjoy theatrical productions, but do we ever think about the families of the production staff and actors/dancers/artists who create these venues? They are giving up their time to bring us enjoyment and I will always be appreciative of the sacrifices they make for our enjoyment!

Get back into a weekly exercise routine!

A HUGE change in my life this year was the surgery I had on my foot in July. Besides starting school in a surgical boot, I found that my balance has been off a bit and I have taken a few hard falls since the surgery. Lucky for me, I have strong bones and have experienced no injuries from the falls other than bruises. Also, I have become a bit lax with my exercising which probably accounts for some of the imbalance. I need to get back into walking, riding, and weights again! The GOOD thing about the surgery is that I no longer feel pain in my feet and I am able to wear shoes that I haven't been able to wear for years!

Explore the Next Generation Science Standards and do some purging of files!
In my professional/classroom life, I want to explore the Next Generation Science Standards and compare/contrast them to our present curriculum. I am so blessed to work in a school that allows us to retain units/themes that we feel are critical to foundational learning in our students i.e. patterning in kindergarten! So, I am excited to delve into the Science standards and become as comfortable with them as I am with the ELA and Math Common Core Standards.

I also want to go through old files! Yikes! As much as I try to keep my filing under control, by this time of year, I am once again overwhelmed with all that has NOT been filed! My "To Be Filed" tray is out of control and my file tubs are bursting at the seams. I need to take a big girl breath and dispose of outdated files! Enough already of feeling that "I might need that someday!"

Continue  to try to write at least once a week.

I love writing here! Even if  no one reads what I write, it is therapy for me! Plus I like having a place where I can share ideas AND I have really, really enjoyed the new friends I have made in my blogging adventure!

To finish a quilt I started YEARS ago!

I have always loved to sew and some of my strongest memories are of sitting at my sewing machine and creating some really fun one-of-a-kind projects.  But as with many things, my sewing as taken the back burner for a few years. This year, I want to take time to finish the quilt that I started  many years ago.  I also want to work in my garden this summer. Because of my  foot surgery, I was unable to garden and my garden missed me! Quilting and gardening are going to be high on my "TO DO" list!

So that's it for now... Make sure you click on the image above and join the linky party!

As this year grows to a close, I wish you all health and happiness in 2014. I plan to close the computer for a few days and enjoy my family and catch up on my reading!

Until next time!


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  1. Hi, Cindy! Thanks so much for linking up! I love your blog! Ouch- foot surgery is no fun! Been there! Happy New Year!