Christmas Around the World, our Nativities, and a YUMMY Christmas Fruit Salad

Hello Friends!

Yes, once again, I am writing that it has been TOO LONG since I last posted! I just have to say that being a kindergarten teacher at Christmas time is EXHAUSTING and time just flies by - whew! But yesterday was the beginning of our Christmas break and I thought I would take some time to share a few things before I put my computer away for awhile and enjoy my family....
First, I start with something not teaching related! I found this yummy fruit salad on Pinterest, but the link was broken and it just gave me the picture; so I cannot attach a link to the picture. (Sad - If you know the link, let me know and I will attach it!) Doesn't it look yummy and festive? It is raspberries, pineapple, pomegranate seeds, and Kiwi! The garnish is mint leaves with fresh squeezed lime juice. This is going to be on my Christmas dinner table this year, for sure!

Every December we make these adorable Christmas nativities from cups and Styrofoam balls. I love them!!
One of my favorite units to teach is Christmas Around the World. We have so much fun with this unit and doing it with kinders is the best! We can set up our chairs and pretend to take a jet ride and they truly get into the whole experience! I am the captain and I project an image from the window of a jet on my Promethean board. After we take off, I then become the flight attendant and pass out snacks for our flight. We look for flags of the countries that we are visiting, have passports, and learn a Christmas custom from each country! The kids create a page in their book about each custom and have a wonderful keepsake to share with their families when we are finished.  So much fun!!

If you are looking for a fun unit to do when you return from break, I always do a unit on how animals survive the cold winter. It is another keepsake book that my kiddos create.  Click the image to take you to the link!
Finally, I wish all of you a very blessed and joyful holiday! Try to relax and put yourself and your family first!

Until next time!

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