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Show Us What you Bought!

Hello Friends!

I am joining my Blog Hoppin friends and sharing what I have bought - so far!!

First off, I purchased the WINTER bundle for the Central Illinois Tornado Relief package! I cannot wait to use all the awesome resources included!

I also LOVE this MAGIC ELF pack from Teacher Bits and Bobs! In this pack, the Elf leaves notes everyday encouraging children to practice the TRUE meaning of Christmas! LOVE IT!!

I purchased Deanna Jump's FALL MATH JOURNAL PROMPTS this year and my students loved them so much, I had to get the WINTER MATH JOURNAL PROMPTS.

I love The Printable Princess stuff and I couldn't resist purchasing "LETS GET CRACKIN DECEMBER LITERACY AND MATH ACTIVITIES

I actually used this packet from Karen Stamp this morning with my kiddos and it was wonderful! Karen has included some really wonderful CVC word practice activities. We will do all the activities this week in reading groups and then I will put them in a center next week. Love them!!

That's it for now! But..... there's still tomorrow, right????

Okay.... it is NOW Tuesday and I visited the sale AGAIN! Here is what I bought today!

Popcorn Word Wall posters from FROM THE POND! I think these will be awesome to hang up around the room and will be especially nice for differentiation!

I love Krista Wallden's clip art and I couldn't resist these adorable graphics!!

And another favorite of mine.... Melonheadz..... I couldn't resist these Christmas kidlets!

These skinny frames by Teacher Laura will be great to use for creating black lines!

Until next time!!



  1. Thanks so much for linking up Cindy!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Cindy!! So glad your kiddos enjoyed it!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten