Welcome 2014 - Fitness Linky

Hello Friends!

Today is Fitness Resolutions on Blog Hoppin...... This is an area that I MUST make a priority in 2014! If you have been following me here, you know that I had foot surgery in July. Because of that, it has been hard to maintain a fitness program and it is showing!!

I have struggled my whole life with my weight. Luckily, I have been able to keep it to a reasonable number because exercise and healthy eating has always been a priority for me. But not so for the past 6 months...... I pretty much have fallen off the wagon and I need to get back on for sure!!

So my Fitness resolutions for 2014 are these:

1.  Exercise at least 3 times a week; preferably 4 times.  It is winter here in Illinois so walking outside is not really an option for me right now. BUT I do own my own stationary bike and treadmill as well as hand weights, so they will have to do for now. I have considered joining a gym, but I like to exercise whenever I feel like it and conforming to the hours in a gym just isn't something I want to do right now. That may change, though... we  shall see!

2. Healthy food has always been important to me and this year, I want to TRY to eat whole foods as much as I can. I am not going to beat myself up, though, if it doesn't happen. We do not eat out very much which is a good thing, I think. When we DO go out to dinner, it is a special time and I want to continue that tradition!

3.  Take time  for myself. I am one of those people who becomes obsessed with work. I LOVE teaching and I LOVE creating my resources for TPT, but I need to let go and remember that I have a life beyond my work. I made a commitment at the beginning of the school year to not spend my weekends at school and I plan to continue that commitment. It has totally changed my weekends!

4.  Spend more time outdoors. I love my flowers and love my gardens!

5.  Finally.... I want to be able to wear this dress.... I love it! It's a jersey knit, though, and a little bit too clingy for me right now. I decided to keep it and make it a goal to wear it for Christmas next year!

 So that's it for me! Make sure that you link up with Blog Hoppin and add your fitness resolutions!

Until Next time!!