Valentine Math Activity in a Snap, Circus Pictures, and Our Country's Symbols

Hello Friends!
Oh my.... I am soooo tired! I am trying to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and I keep nodding off! Whew! I guess that is the sign of a busy week???

So.... today.......I realized that Valentine's Day is next week and because I was becoming a bit tired of the snow pictures still up in my classroom, my kinders did a Valentine's math project today.

I gave each child 4 different color pieces of craft foam. They were to draw shapes on the foam making "candy" pieces. Then they glued a paper heart with a gold foil doily to the top of a 12" x 18" piece of pink construction paper.  They glued their candy pieces to the heart. The paper that is glued to under the heart says" In my Candy box, I see....... " They wrote numbers and color words and then added their numbers together! Easy peasy! BTW.... The reason you see the "s" crossed off on some of the papers is because we JUST discussed how you add to "s" to end of words that mean more than one. For those kiddos that only made ONE of each color, they asked if they could cross off the ending "s" on the word "pieces" - smart kiddos, huh? :)

Even with all the snow days, we managed to have our annual Circus performance! Our school encourages our students to perform some type of service each year. Our kindergarten performs a circus. We ask for a freewill donation for our performance and then send our money to Polar Bears International. This year we made enough to adopt a polar bear and a half! Woo hoo!

 In conjunction with our circus performance, we always decorate our hallway. This year's theme was "The Wheels of (Our School) Go Round and Round." We created a school bus in our hallway and divided the bus into 3 parts; each represented a special part of our school i.e. faith, learning, and service. Some of our students decorated a cardboard cut out that represented our school uniforms, another group decorated their person in church clothes, and the third part decorated theirs like circus performers. The polar bear in this picture represented our service project.

We are working on our country's symbols in Social Studies. I love, love making books with my students! Here are a few examples of their illustrations for the bald eagle and liberty bell. We are still working on this book; hopefully it will be done next week!

I have been doing this US Symbols for years, but just this week uploaded it to my store! Click on the image to take you to this resource!

Because time has been limited, I did not want to redo my religion bulletin board, so I recycled it! I took down the snowflakes from January and the kids made hearts for February! Yay!

Okay.... that's it for now! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. Hi Cindy,

    Just wanted to let you know your description for your US Symbols pack in your store still says "Flash Freebie!", sorry I missed it, lol. ;) Have a great President's Day weekend! :)


  3. ARRGGHH!! I have had too many snow days! Thank you for letting me know!!