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Feeling Nostalgic, Healthy Me unit, Flying Balloons with an UP theme, Words Hurt our Hearts, a Revised PET product AND if you make it to the end, a freebie!

Hello Friends!

Oh my... It has been a LONG time since I have posted here! I guess I have been busy, but I can't think what I have been doing that has taken up so much of my time. It's amazing how each day can drift along and then all of sudden, you realize how much time has passed and you didn't even notice!

So..... let's see........ I am on Spring Break this week. We decided not to go anywhere, so I am having a "staycation." We are only a couple of hours away from Chicago, so we spent the weekend in this fun city. We saw "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Cadillac Theater. I LOVE this musical and no matter how many times I see it, I come away wanting to listen to the songs all day! This was also the first time since my son and his wife were married over a year ago that all my kids were together! That made the weekend even more special!

I also have been feeling nostalgic today. It is amazing to me how quickly time goes..... I know this is such a cliche, but it is TRUE! I cannot believe that I have a married son and my kids are all employed adults starting their own grown-up lives.... They are forever ingrained in my minds as they are in this picture......

Sigh....... But time DOES continue and I am soooo proud of my kids! I am also so HAPPY that I have the job that I do. Working with 5 and 6 year old children is the next best thing to spending time with my own wonderful kids!!

One of my favorite units to teach is "Healthy Me." Little kids are always so interested in how their body works and although, I don't go into HUGE detail, we do have some lively discussions during this unit.

 We also discuss healthy habits such as hand washing, exercise, and sleeping.

 At the conclusion of this unit, all the healthy me pages are stapled inside a cute cover. This is a fun way for my kiddos to have a discussion about healthy habits with their families!

If you are interested in my HEALTHY ME unit, click the image below....

 We have been working on changing the first letter of a CVC word to create a new word. A fun activity we did last week was to make UP hot air balloons. Once again, I found this idea on the amazing blog of Kim Jordano! I just tweaked it a bit to suit my needs. My kiddos used watercolors to paint one side of a hot air balloon shape. The next day, they wrote UP words on the back of the balloon. To make the basket, I punched holes in the bottom of the balloon and the top of a paper cup. I threaded one craft stem through the holes. My students used crayons to color a small person both front and back which I stapled to the cup. I hung these from the ceiling and they made a cute hallway display!

It always happens this time of year..... I think my kiddos start to get tired of each other and because of this, they begin to get a little mean with each other. So, this is the perfect time to have a lesson about kindness and how words hurt.

First, I read "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" After our discussion of kindness, we talk about hurtful words. Perhaps you already do this; I know this activity has been around for awhile, but it ALWAYS is a wonderful example of the hurtfulness of words.....

Each child was given a paper heart. I use colored copy paper because it crunches up easier than construction paper. Each child holds the heart in their hand. I say a mean word and ask the children to crunch their heart. They look at me questionably because usually I am saying that they must treat their work with respect!

I continue saying mean words and ask the kids to crunch their heart after every one.

When the heart is completely crunched, I ask my kids to try to smooth out the heart.

They quickly find out that they cannot smooth their heart to look like it did before they started crunching it. Of course, this leads to a discussion of how words hurt out hearts and no matter how much we try to make it better, our hearts always carry a "wrinkle" when someone is mean to us.

After this discussion, I give each child another paper heart. This time, I say nice words and tell my kids to only  crunch their hearts if I say something mean. I do not and they see that nice words keep a heart feeling wonderful. I then give each child some sticker stars and say nice words again. Every time I say a nice word, I tell my kiddos to add a star. They soon find out that nice words make a heart beautiful!

Here are examples of the posters we make after this discussion.....

Lastly, I revised my PETS resource. This is the ONLY product I have in my store with a 3.9 rating... this makes me sad, so I deactivated it and put some thought into how to make a better product. After a few months of thought and work, I am very happy with the final result. If you purchased this resource, please re-download it! I hope you are happy with the changes. I am working on habitat products and I have included PETS as one of them. Pets are an important part of the life of people all over the world and a pet's habitat is the place in which its' owner lives. Perhaps this is a stretch to say that a home is a habitat for a pet, but pets are unique in the fact that they truly are dependent on humans for their survival and one definition of habitat is a place where animals live and adapt for survival.

 Click on the image below to take you to the resource.

Wow! This has been a LONG post! Thank you for sticking it out! As a thank you for getting this far, click on the image below to grab a quick freebie!
 Until next time!


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