Some Dr. Seuss, My March Door, Coffee Filter Umbrellas, and My Year Old Poinsettia Has Bloomed!

Hello Friends!

Whew! It's Friday! We made it! Woo hoo!

This week we did some Seuss. We had SO much going on that we couldn't do as much as I usually do BUT what we DID do turned out really cute and my kids learned a lot, too! Basically, I drew the outline of 4 Seuss books and traced them onto construction paper. My kiddos added a label, used crayons to decorate, and then wrote word families onto the shapes. They could write REAL or silly Dr. Seuss words. Even my struggling learners were able to do this and EVERYONE had a great time doing them. Plus, they made a cute as a button display! 

The four stories we did were:

THE CAT IN THE HAT (of course!)






It's March and we are thinking (hoping!) Spring. I found a great way for my kiddos to paint a coffee filter umbrella. They have always struggled with trying to paint the filter because it kept popping up. Also, because the filter is designed to allow water to pass through it, the paint would seep through and make a bit of a mess on the table.

So...... I taped the filter to a white paper plate.

Then my kiddos used their watercolors to paint it.

Pull the tape off while the filter is wet. When dry, create your cute umbrella picture! Easy!

Here is my March door...... I had one of my kinders ask me last week if I was going to "change that snowman" that was on the door. It's been there a long time!" Ha! He was right! My Winter door was up all of January and February! It is nice to look at a color other than blue! 

Finally...... look what my poinsettia from 2012 is doing! It is growing red leaves! Yay!!! This little guy has been with me for over a year and I did not have the heart to destroy it. So... basically, this plant just sat on my windowsill. I watered it and fed it a couple of times, but that's it!

So that's if for now..... Have a great weekend!

Until next time!


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