Lenten Symbols for Little Kids

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Okay.... I have had the religion tab on my blog for many months and have done nothing on it! My resolution is to start using it..... My hope is to share some of the ideas and projects that we are doing in my classroom. I PROMISE that this will not be all about selling, but I do plan to share some of the units that I have in my store.   No pressure, my friends! I am sharing the ideas and you can purchase from me or make your own. This is not about selling, but sharing! Part of the reason I want to do this is because so much of the religious material that we can find commercially is for much older kids and I feel strongly that little kids can also learn about the love of Jesus in a way that is developmentally appropriate for them. Also, even though I am a Catholic School teacher, I am also a Christian, so much of what I will be sharing will suit the needs for any Christian teacher.

So here is what we are doing in religion currently...... We are discussing the Passion of Jesus and his journey to the Cross. My kiddos are creating a booklet that is loosely based  upon the resurrection eggs that you can purchase commercially. I love doing the Passion this way because it cements the journey of Jesus in a simple way that little kids can understand without going into the painful details of His walk to the cross.

We discuss Palm Sunday and Jesus' entry into Jerusalem..... I give my kiddos the step-by-step directions for creating the pictures and they do an awesome job with them! I also use simple pictures that shows the content of each lesson. Here is an example of the picture in the book as well as the student make book. You, of course, can use any Palm Sunday picture as your introduction. I always read from my children's Bible before introducing each page.

Here is the last supper. My students created symbols of the First Eucharist rather than draw all the apostles. It just is a bit more time efficient this way!

This is Jesus' agony in the Garden. I told my kiddos that they just had to make the rock and hands, but most of them wanted to draw Jesus, too.

We do discuss Judas; even though I don't go into great detail with him. I think kids need to know about the betrayal of Judas, though, because it was because of him that Jesus was found.

We discuss the denial of Jesus by Peter. I thought the rooster would be a good symbol for this page.

Here are the suggestions for illustration of the pages....

If you are short on time and would like a black line version of the student book, I have added that as an option....

Here is the link to the pack (only if you are interested!) As I said, I do not plan for this to be all about selling, but about sharing!! 


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  1. I to agree with that their needs to be more little kid appropriate religious items available. I am also creating units for sale but again I share many of the items on my blog. Would you mind sharing what clip art you are using? That is my biggest dilemma - finding appropriate and versatile art. I love you book idea.
    Pauine at First Grade by the Sea

    1. I purchase all my clip art on TPT. I type in the name of the item I want i.e. "crown of thorns"; then I click clip art. I use Charlotte's Clips a lot. Hope this helps!