Decorating Easter Eggs with Permanent Ink Markers - Pretty "egg"- citing!

Hello Friends,

I thought I would share this fun idea that I my kinders do around Easter time. You know how much fun it is for kids to color eggs BUT when the fun is over, what do you do with the eggs after Easter? When my own kids were little, I never allowed them to eat the eggs because I was always so afraid of Salmonella poisoning. So, the eggs would sit in the basket, we would enjoy them for a few days, and then I threw them away. What  a waste, right? Well, today I had an "ah ha" moment and it worked - yay!

I gave my kiddos a basket of plastic eggs and permanent ink markers - yes, PERMANENT ink markers! 

We discussed the hazards of getting the ink on our clothes and the table and I made them roll up their sleeves and wear a paint shirt. They used the permanent ink markers to decorate a plain plastic egg and they turned out adorable! 

The ink DOES smear when you are first applying it, so I told them to take extra care when twisting it from side to side to decorate. I showed them how to hold the egg on the top and the bottom and use their marker to decorate. They laid their finished egg on a paper plate to dry. After about an hour, the ink was REALLY permanent and did not rub off! Hurray! 

They opened the eggs, put some jelly beans inside, and added it to their bunny Easter basket. Easy peasy and pretty, too!

That's it! Fun, easy, and inexpensive!

Until next time!


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