Blog Hoppin Scavenger Hunt - FUN, FUN!!!!

Hello Friends! my friends on Blog Hoppin suggested that we sponsor an Instagram Scavenger Hunt, I thought "Yikes!" Although I have an Instagram account, I really have not used it. I guess I am still in the pick up a phone or write a note generation, so everything that is INSTANT scares me!!! It's like when you click "send" on your emails and then re-read it and wish you had re-read it BEFORE you sent it! BUT......... this scavenger hunt is TOTALLY different! It is a super, fun way to share pictures and there are some really nice prizes involved with the biggest one being a DSLR Canon camera! Also, no on has to worry at all about the quality of your pictures because it is the QUANTITY that counts; so INSTANT is the way to go for this with no regrets. It is all just for fun! Woo hoo! 

My Blog Hoppin friend, Cara Carroll wrote an amazing post describing the hunt on our BH website. Click on the picture above to take you there AND if you want to follow someone (me) who is just now coming into the age of "instant", here is my instagram name.... kinder.kay..... Don't forget to add the "dot" between kinder and kay. Kinderkay with no dot was already taken - so sad..... :(

Until next time, my Friends!


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